Notorious Personality:

The Segratese, living in United States, sings the main theme song of the soundtrack of the movie

The wonderful voice of makes people talk about her. The young
Segratese singer, who has graduated from Berklee College of Music and is living in Boston, interprets the main theme song of the soundtrack of the movie-documentary

, composed by her husband Jandro Cisneros. The movie is a production of the order of Oblates of the Virgin Mary, by filmmaker

, with an international comllaboration of Italy, Vatican, Messico and
United States. Cristina and her husband co-founded a production company
called , which is perfectly in line with the philosophy of the documentary. “Every year are produced around 50 thousands movies and the 94% of the most important scenes contain gun shoots of episodes of violence, and only in US are published more than 75 thousands of albums and 92% of the top 100 songs in Billboard Charts are about sex”, says . “It’s in the scenario that my husband and I decided to found s, with the mission of creating media contents that can improve people’s lives, bo6h at a personal and social level. The filmmaker of chose us as a perfect match for the spiritual message of the film”. The documentary shows the difficult life of the Saint Bruno Lanteri and the obstacles that he met in creating a spiritual
order that wanted to bring back the purity in the religious life of that age. Bruno
Lanteri became an example of spiritual strength and perseverance for the
successors of the order, passing in the history as the creator of the Latin proverb

. The movie was screened last week in Pignarolo, Turin, his native hometown, and it will be soon broadcasted by Italian

and networks, also will be son in film festivals in different countries. The news for keeps going, In will be back with new music, indeed now they are working on the composition of new original
songs that will mix Italian, Spanish and English.

, and dedicated to young adults interested in a very unusual adventure, as a metaphor of a personal and spiritual growth.